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Fuel to the Fire




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I was parachuted in to help out on my first VICTORY album. It would be a LIVE album release, titled 'Fuel To The Fire'. Victory is a real high energy ROCK band and I thought it would be a great idea to play around with their energy and title words 'fire' to create a vibe.

Having attended so many rock concerts and observed the tradition of the audience lighting their lighters and holding them high above their heads during ballads was atmospheric. The concept developed, the lighters were the fuel and when held aloft, the audience would ignite the fire. The flames on the cover, lit the bands logo and this quite literaly sparked and captured the bands imagination. A simple concept but effective outcome.

The 'V' from the band logo was embossed onto the side of the lighters which put the finishing touches onto the design.

Simple and effective design

Tristan Greatrex, from TGG