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Exaggerate was the album title. Staring at a black square on paper I drew a circle, then an off-set square. Four scenes and an Orange later! I was reminded of the music and the CD, circular in shape - Staring inwards - I dont know why but it made me think of an 'Eye' - the centre. The music is the core and away of looking back at me from within - outwards towards us. This cover just kept evolving, taking me on a ride.

The rear cover photo, was shown to me by my old friend and all I could see was the bridge, half a circle but the reflection, completed the circle and was the centre of the photo, or in my mind, the 'EYE'.
Following the title of the album, everything had to be exaggerated, the colours, the areas, the band members, even the instruments - They were larger than life and I found myself back in the 'Escher' mindset.
For the inner booklet pages, the left and right scene's used in the cover, were again the main feature, contrasting but focussing in the distance. Like a train track or in this case the fretboard and strings disappearing into the distance. Into the mind, the inner mind, through the eye.

    Album cover concept sketches -
    1. Circle and square areas
    2. Scenes added
    3. Various assets created and elements added

    CD Cover and rear booklet

    CD booklet - internal credit pages

    Rear Jewel Case creation
    Original Photo | Photo with Band Members

    Rear Jewel Case creation
    Reflections and band members in distance, enlarged - note the BW sybols added to the masonery.
    Completed artwork, with guitar necks, colours and eye, all EXAGGERATED!


No object is mysterious. The mystery is your eye.

Elizabeth Bowen