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Thank You


Michael Schenker


Positive Energy Records

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Michael Schenkers first instrumental acoustic solo album - Released on the newly formed 'Postive Energy Records'.
Having returned to the UK after spending five interesting days with Michael and his management company, Left Bank Management in LA. Michael had just completed and recorded the fourth and last McAuley Schenker album 'Unplugged Live' at Anaheim Theatre. I was lucky enough to be Michaels guest on last nights of recording and met his close friend Warren DiMartini (guitarist for Ratt).

Some months later, I got a call from Michaels manager to ask if I would design and create a 'Michael Schenker' logo and new album cover/packaging. The whole project was going to be put out and promoted by Michael himself under the record label of Postive Energy Records.

Exciting news and I spent the first three weeks developing the new Michael Schenker logo which was to be the centre of the album cover. As part of the promotion, Michael wanted the first 1,000 fans to pre-order and in return, get their name on the front and rear covers - In fact this turned out to be on the cover and rear jewel case.

The Positve Energy Records label was based around Michaels acoustic sound hole with the balack and white alternate shading.

The inner booklet centre panel was split into nine photographs in the shape of a 'M' with the border laced in the pattern lifted from Michael's 'Ovation' acoustic guitar.
The project brief was growing with 'Save The Earth' and 'Action Hunger 2000' logo's needing design - Michael's drive was to end 'World Hunger by the year 2000 and even went on hunger strike until persuaded by Lewis Kovac from Left Bank Management to end the strike and focus on reaching out to people by actively promoting the new album.
Membership certificates and the Michael Schenker Newsletters 'Maestro' were also designed by myself as well as backstage passes, laminates, postcards and letterheads. The full branding.
An Interactive PopDisc was also created but vey few were produced using Macromedia Director Software and copied onto 1.4k Floppy Disk for both Windows PC and Apple Mac.

The follow up, Thank you with Orchestra uses the MS logo but it was something I wasn't involved with.
SPV re-issued some years later, placing a photo of Michael on the cover as it was felt that this may sell more copies to a wider audience as well as appealing to the original fans who had already purchased. The rest of the packaging remained however.

Will be adding various scans to this page in the future, so stay Tuned...


    LOGO DESIGN: Both the Ovation acoustic and Gibson Flying V was to feature as part of the logo - After transposing the alternate black and white design from the 'V' to the Ovation, it was time to create a scale drawing of both guitars using Adobe Illustrator. The third part of the image below shows the creation from sketch to electronic design, again using illustrator.

    Progression of the logo and note to Michael regarding the design - Using the Yin Yang symbol to create the alternative "MS" logo

    Front booklet panels

    Inside CD booklet panels

    Audio Cassette - Cover

    Audio Cassette Inside Cover

Thank You with Orchestra - Michael Schenker and MSR logo's. This release was based on the ‘Thank You’ album artwork - Released a year after the ‘Thank You 2’ album in 1999.

All CD and Cassette packaging, layout and design + Positive Energy Records logo design + The Michael Schenker logo design. All created using Adobe Illustrator.

Tristan Greatrex