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Ben Higgins



Release Date

27th November 2015

The place where the mechanical workings reside. A place to upload jams featuring my partners in crime, Andrea De Carolis & Martino Carletti. It's dark, it's loud, it's noisy.

It's The Engine Room.

Ben Higgins is a guitarist and composer who started a metal band called The Reckoning back in late 2003/early 2004. These days, it's taken the guise of a one man project with guest appearances from several of my fast fingered guitar comrades and featuring the vocals of the awesome Rob Lundgren. Ben Higgins Official Youtube channel

Aside from writing and recording, Ben has been teaching guitar at since 2010. Head over to the Guitar Master Class website but first watch Ben play his Vinnie Moore appegios lesson:

Ben performing on one of his GuitarMasterClass


One of the high points of this has been the "30 Shredders in One Solo" video that's been a huge hit in the guitar world with over 4 million views. Inspired Ben recorded a follow up titled "Another 30 Shredders".

Magazine features

Guitar World Magazine have a dedicated page to BEN "Latest Ben Higgins" and another huge guitar magazine, Guitar Player .


The Engine Room was intended to be somewhere I could place one off pieces of music that didn't end up on an album. I wanted something that reflected rawness, industriousness and power, as befitted the title. The black and orange theme was something that I saw in my mind's eye before anything else and as always, Tris was able to better my vision.

Ben Higgins