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Vinnie Moore


Mind's Eye Music

Release Date

October 23rd 2015

It has been one of my all-time ambitions to work with Vinnie Moore since I picked up his first album 'Mind's Eye' almost thirty years back. Although this is not the first album cover design that features Vinnie (having designed six UFO covers featuring the guitarist), it is the first 'Solo' record cover. It has taken the last eighteen months to design and create the packaging which has been fun.

In addition to this, Vinnie decided to release the album under his own record label, titled 'Mind's Eye Music' so various logo visuals were conceived:

The final design (top left) features the "VM logo" elements to create the "M's" and the "E". MEM - MIND'S EYE MUSIC.

To market the album, Vinnie used 'Pledge Music' to invite his loyal fans to help launch the project. In return, some cool personal items were put up for purchase, including a couple of Signature Guitars.

Together we created an Intro Video explaining the process and releasing this news. Using various video software programs on the Mac with some special effects by VM, the three minute video was completed:


There will also be a Japanese release on King Records with different packaging (Jewel Case) and bonus track.
MORE DETAILS SOON - Check back after the Release Date: 23rd October

It was a pain working with that guy over there, who the hell does he think he is? He thinks he can ROCK.

Vinnie Moore, from Mind's Eye Music